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Egg in a basket:

An egg in the basket, or egg in a basket, is a fried egg cooked within the confines of a piece of toast whose center has been removed.

Preparation typically begins by cutting a circular hole in the center of a piece of bread with a cookie cutter or upside down glass. The bread is then fried in a pan with butter, margarine or cooking oil. When browned satisfactorily, the egg is cracked into the "basket" cut into the toast. The egg is then fried to the desired consistency. When eaten, the bread and egg yolk mix readily, giving this egg dish its special quality.

Alternate recipes, for those preparing this simple dish and do not have access to a stove, call for the bread and egg to be microwaved. Some people will say that cooking this egg recipe is easier than cooking eggs alone, because the bread adds stability if the cook wishes to flip the egg. Some people put the cut-out circle of bread back on the finished toast and egg, adding a type of "lid" to the "basket". It is commonly served with ketchup, jam, or cheese.


Semana da Pizza

Deu no Folha de São Paulo

Parabéns, Marco Pizza!

Hoje é o seu dia
Que dia mais feliz


Parabéns, Eduardo Nasi!

Hoje é o seu dia
Que dia mais feliz


Where is Nasi?

Nasi. O trabalhador.

Post dedicado a Gary Freedman, que sente a ausência de Nasi - o mais incansável dos trabalhadores brazucas (em mês de Copa do Mundo, fique claro).

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